Monday, May 2, 2011


Oh boy, nesting has arrived with a vengeance at my house!  I was pretty sure that nesting was just a myth about pregnancy.  WRONG!  It is a full-fledge symptom, just like heartburn and frequent trips to the bathroom.  The nesting started a few weeks ago and has only gotten worse.  It started very mildly as I got the nursery ready for our sweet girl.  But then...THEN...I started to see every dirty spot in our house and found myself getting irritated over the mess.  The best thing that I did for myself was have someone come in and clean the house from top to bottom.  She came on Saturday and stayed all day until the house looked like it did the day we moved in.  There wasn't a speck of dust anywhere! And to top it all off, my husband pressure washed the entire house and washed the front porch. Oh glorious clean house!  I am deliriously happy about how clean the house is--from the outside to the inside.  Now, I'm watching our every move like a hawk because I don't want to mess up the house before baby girl arrives.  After all, I am a self-diagnosed OCD, clean-freak.  But I realized something this weekend...I am really good at cleaning those easily reached places, but I don't take the time to clean the cob-webs from the dark corners that never see the light of day.  And then something dawned on my spiritual life like that too?  Do I clean up really good in the places that people see but leave cob webs in the places that no one has ever seen?  Do I look all sparkly and shiny on the outside, but have a hot mess on the inside? 

My Beloved Beauties can tell you that I talk alot about striving to be transparent.  And I really try to not hide all the dusty, nasty mess that happens in life.  Because when the mess happens, I rely on this group of ladies to help me clean up the mess through their prayers and friendship. Still, I do keep things hidden..but why?  After all, God knows where the cob webs are lurking.  I fool myself when I think that I can clean up the outside and that He can't see what is behind the shiny front.   So, yesterday I started nesting in my spiritual life and I can already tell that some of those nasty cob webs have been swept away. 

"Create in me a clean heart, O God.  Renew a loyal spirit within me."  Psalm 51:10

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