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i never once saw myself as leading women's Bible study.
and yet somehow, the Lord saw fit for me to do so.
for longer than i can remember, i've been leading studies with my beauties.  
we call ourselves the beloved beauties because His Word tells us that the King is enthralled with our beauty.  
and us who are unloveable He claims as His beloved.
our hearts would be filled with joy to have you join us for one of our studies.

every now and then, i've been asked to share my thoughts from a stage.
with a microphone.
the request never ceases to floor me.
i get all splotchy just thinking about it.

if you feel i might be a good fit for an event you may be hosting, please consider contacting me.

i can be reached at
you can also find me on facebook and instagram.
and occasionally on snapchat...when my five year old has time to tutor me!

i'd consider it a great honor to hear from you, as well as a privilege to come alongside you and pray with you and for you.