Friday, July 29, 2011

A List

I'm a list kinda girl.  To-do lists---I make one for every week.  A list of things I want accomplished before the week ends.  Grocery list---it's a must.  I always grace the doors of the grocery store well-equipped with my shopping list.

Here's a random little list of things that make me uniquely me:

1.   I love the Lord my God with all my heart, body and mind.

2.   I adore mascara!  A LOT!  I rarely leave the house without it.

3.   A good cup of coffee jump starts my day.  These days it is more like 2 big ol' cups of coffee...

4.   I am a Clemson graduate.  I walked onto the campus in 1997 sight unseen and left in 2007 with a Tiger Paw imprinted on my heart.

5.   I never used my undergraduate degree.  Early Childhood Education.  Perhaps it will come in handy when Harper starts school.

6.   I'm madly in love with my a love I'd never known until May 20 of this year.  Seriously--words can't describe.

7.   A great pair of shoes can completely lift your mood for the day.  So can the perfect pair of earrings.

8.   I can completely lose myself in a great book.  Then, get completely annoyed when it is turned into a movie and the characters are not what I dreamed up in my pretty little head.  For example...The Last Song....the movie did not compare to the scene that played out in my head while I read the book.

9.   I can slap rock out to Tina Turner.  Which is why I love my tinted windows in the Yukon.

10. I despise cooking...only because I adore an immaculate kitchen.  The day is not done until the kitchen gleams!

11. While I break many of their rules, Stacy and Clinton are my friends.  I dream of the day that I walk in a room and someone says, "Shut the front door!  Your outfit is amazing."

12.  I believe that chocolate should be incorporated into every diet plan.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

13.  A good cry can cleanse the soul.  So can a hearty belly laugh.

14.  I think that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Pictures tell stories.

15.  I do not know how to roller skate.  I panic just thinking that my daughter will want to have one of her birthday parties at Skateland.  Sheer panic!

16.  A clean house makes for a happy me!

17.  I could do cartwheels when I receive something in the mail other than a bill.  Which is why I write thank-you notes for EVERYTHING...because I want others to do cartwheels too!

18.  A monogram can be the perfect accessory or decoration.  Harper doesn't stand a chance in forgetting her initials!

19.  I am not brand conscious unless it comes to my toothpaste (Colgate) or mayo (Duke's).  Imitators do not stand a chance in my house.

20.  I will run for the hills at the first sniff of syrup.  Just thinking about it makes me want to gag!

Share with me some things that are uniquely you!  Because I cherish learning new things about my friends!

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