Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 months, seriously?

How is it that Sweet Petite is 3 months old?  That's a quarter of a year, folks!  Seriously?  I feel like I blink and another month zooms by...

My heart is struggling to keep up with my sweet girl's milestones.  While it seems like yesterday when I first laid eyes on her, it also seems like ages ago.  Weird, but true!

Harper has started "school" and she loves it.  Her teachers are just the best!  She really is just a laid-back soul who loves people.  It comes natural, I suppose.  I visit her at school every day, which helps Mommy get through the hours that she is away from Sweet Petite.  She recognizes her name and turns to see who is calling her.  She smiles big and drools even bigger.  A bib is constant fashion accessory these days.  She has rolled to her side, but hasn't quite figured out how to make it to her tummy.

And let's talk about something else she got honest...her appetite.  Gracious, the child loves to eat...and Heaven forbid, DO NOT take her bottle away from her unless she gives you the proper permission.  If you do, you-know-what breaks loose. 

Bath time means more water on the floor than in her tub.  She loves to kick and splash and talk to the baby in the mirror.  She helps with evening chores by assuming her post in her Bumbo seat on the counter and keeping Mommy entertained with her chatter. 

Sweet Petite has been a constant source of happiness for the past three months.  Each day, Daddy and Mommy love her even more! 

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