Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sweet petite is 4 months old!

Such a sweet, happy girl

While I know the 20th of every month rolls around far to quickly each time, today I was going to be prepared.  I was going to be ready.  And then, Sweet Petite woke up at 5:40am for her bottle and it hit me.  She is 4 months old today.  A third of the way through her first year.  Almost a whole hand of numbers.  I wasn't prepared after all.  This battle of loving the milestones of her growth and not wanting her to grow up so fast is a struggle.  A good struggle, but a struggle nonetheless.

She has started to hold her bottle and assert her independence.  She still remains quite the chatterbox.  Her teachers even comment on her talkative nature at school.  Uh oh!  I predicted a while ago that she will get "talks too much" comments on her report cards, but I wasn't expecting it this soon.  Sweet Petite rolled over for the first time on Labor Day, but has boycotted the movement ever since.  Despite my best cheerleading, she refuses to roll again.  Instead, she is rather entertained, and perfectly content I might add, on her back watching me cheer her on to the opposite side.  Tummy time has become an enjoyable experience because she loves holding her neck up and reaching for toys in front of her. 

During the crispness of fall this past weekend, I started preparing her fall closet.  Much to my surprise, she is wearing 6 month clothes.  It was an emotional moment for Mommy amongst all the baby laundry.  How in the world is she wearing 6 month clothes?  I thought she was just a newborn.  As these thoughts twirled through my mind, she just chatted and laughed.  She was rather pleased with her "new" wardrobe...size and all. 

Sweet Petite experienced pear juice for the first time this weekend, too.  Due to a bout of irregularity, her pediatrician told us to give her an ounce of pear juice.  She revolted.  She spat it out.  She was not impressed.  Ah, but mommy knows best.  I mixed it in her bottle with her formula and she didn't know the difference.  And we are back to business in the regularity department. 

She has acquired quite a few nicknames.  Sweet Petite, Sweet Pea, Lily, Davina, Lily Davina (when the minds of two of my favorite guys get together you get Lily Davina), BooBoo (she smiles so big when her Daddy calls her this).

Each day we love our sweet girl more and more!

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