Friday, October 21, 2011

a handful of months

A handful of months.  A whole handful.  How did that happen so fast, Sweet Petite?  You are five months old.  And you have had quite the busy month...full of accomplishments, new experiences...full of life.  

You continue to sleep through the night.  You go to bed between 9 and 10 and you sleep until around 5ish, but then you  fall right back to sleep after your bottle.  You enjoy your cereal twice a day.  You even try to feed yourself by grabbing the spoon from my hand.  You have begun to assert your independence by holding your bottle.  

You surprised us all by sitting up by yourself about three weeks ago.  At first you just situated your torso over your hips, but now you have learned to balance yourself in an upright position.  We can tell you enjoy your view of the world from this position because you squeal with delight.  Everything goes straight to your mouth these days and the drool is serious stuff.  

So much to choose from...wonder which one tastes the best?

That's some serious chomping going on

You are learning more and more about the world around you every day.  You love your school, your friends and your teachers.  You love spending time with family.  And you love watching football on Saturdays.  You are our constant source of entertainment.  Daddy and I love watching you grow and learn.  Our hearts ache because time seems to be flying by, but our hearts expand with joy and delight as you learn something new.

You still love music and dancing and reading books.  You try to turn the pages of our books and you engage in conversation.  

We think you are going to be left handed, like your mommy and daddy, because you are prone to using that hand more.  And you love to kick your left leg when you get excited.   

Sweet Petite, as each month, week, day, moment passes, we love you more and more!  You fill our hearts with a constant sense of joy.  We feel honored and privileged and awed because God chose us to be your parents.  You are the best gift we have ever been given!

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