Friday, December 23, 2011

You are 7 months old, Sweet Petite!

Another month zoomed by and today we mark 7 glorious months of our expanded family.

Sweet Petite, you are 7 months old today.   This month has found us with a few more milestones added to the pile...

~You are rocking back and forth on your knees....begging to be mobile, but yet not quite sure how to make it happen.

~You are.....dare I type this into existence.....sleeping through the YOUR crib!  What?!!!  I'm really not sure why it took us so long to put you in your room, but the moment you turned 6 months old, we said...let's do this.  It has been a fairly simple process.  Fairly.

~We all survived your first bout with the stomach bug.  Mommy, realized quickly that she does not handle vomit...AT. ALL.  But, we survived....especially after the mad dash to the doctor to make sure you weren't getting dehydrated, in which you made me look like a fool by deciding as the doctor was walking in that you would, in fact, drink some Pedialyte.  Thanks for that, baby girl!  I'm certain it is not the last time you will make mama look like a fool.  But alas, the bug left the house as quickly as it 48 hours later.

~You said "Ma-ma" yesterday morning.  You were laying in bed with Daddy after your morning bottle and he was trying to get you to practice your words and you said it...clear as day...such a sweet, early Christmas present for this Mama!

~You met Santa Claus and sat in his lap like such a big girl.

~You helped Mama, Daddy, and Bubby light the Advent Candle at church on Sunday.  You talked the entire time!

~You are pulling up to your knees in the crib or on the floor.  And you like to stand and walk with assistance from one point to another.  Something tells me you might be an early walker.

~Your latest food experiences include asparagus and canteloupe, both of which you love!  You really love your asparagus mixed with apple.  Mama has named it Roasted Asparagus with an Apple Glaze.  It makes it sound more sophisticated!

~You have spent this month with a little "Mama-attachment syndrome."  And believe me, it's not from lack of trying to let someone else entertain you or hold you.  I've even gone as far as trying to sneak from one room to another without you catching sight of me, but alas, when you do see me, you want me to pick you up.  But come night-night want nothing to do with want Daddy...and first thing in the morning...I better think twice before I interrupt your morning conversation with Daddy.  That's serious business the two of you are discussing and Mama is not a part of it, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sweet Petite, each and every moment of each and every day we love you a little bit more.  You are enriched our lives beyond measure and we consider it a blessing to be your parents.  We love to the bottom of the ocean and the top of the sky!

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