Monday, February 6, 2012

the happiest of happy birthdays

When he laughs, he really laughs.  Loud.  And it is infectious.  He is full of life.

When he spends time with his son, he isn't just passing time.  Or just playing video games.  Or just practicing batting techniques.  Or just tossing a ball. Or just playing catch.  He is making memories that last a lifetime.

When speaks to his daughter, his entire demeanor changes and his tone drips of love and adoration and gentleness.

When he compliments his wife, he does with a sincerity and truth that brings tears to her eyes.  He loves her like no one ever has.  And that love completes her.

When he sets his mind on serving others, he does it in a big fashion.  With no desire for recognition.

When he shows his heart {really shows his heart}, it is full of good and love.  And it is evident that he loves God. 

So it is only fitting that we celebrate him BIG on his birthday.  On the one day out of the year dedicated solely to him.  A day that will pass by as quickly as it started.  A day to shower him, not with presents that will be forgotten with time, but with love and adoration that can be felt for a lifetime.  A day to express our gratitude to him for the impact that he has had on our lives.  A day to pray unceasingly for him.  A day to say, "We are so glad you are a part of our lives."  A day to do all the things we attempt to do on a daily basis, but somehow life gets in the way. 

So on his birthday, I say, with a heart that overflows with love...

Happy Birthday, Tory!  I love you immensely and completely.  I pray for you non-stop.  I am so thankful that God brought you into my life.  I look forward to spending another year with your wife, your friend, your partner, your confidante, and your encourager. 

"...let's not merely say that we love each other;
let's show the truth by our actions."
~1 John 3:18

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