Thursday, March 15, 2012

what a mess

my house looks like a tornado blew through it.

there are at least 16 loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away.  {at least!}

you could probably eat a meal off of my kitchen floor because it has been days since I last swept.

the bed hasn't been made in the past few days {except for right before I get in it because I can't go to bed with crumpled sheets, I just can't}.

the diaper genie needs to be emptied

the grass needs to be cut

and every single inch of my house  needs to be dusted, vaccummed or Cloroxed

I still have 20 pounds of baby weight to lose and my roots desperately need some color.

my clothes {and my husband's} need an iron in the worst way.

life is a mess.  or is that my perception?

You know, it is said that perception is reality.  And to a certain extent that is true.  However, I am perfectly content with my life.  Mess and all. 

Everything around me could use a little sprucing up, but my soul is sparkling and my foundation is Rock solid. 

I found my peace here today. 

As a new mom, I, too, feel like my days are "stuck together with chewing gum and twine".  But I am okay with that.  I'm okay with it because I know the One who holds my day in His hands.  I know the One whose blessings are new every morning.

And I know that at the end of this life, it will not matter how clean my house is or how perfectly neat my clothes are or the length of the grass in the front yard.  It will matter how firm my foundation is and that is what I tend to focus on these days.

I would never dream of acting like I got it all together.  What kind of encouragement would that be to anyone? 

Life is messy.  And my OCD, Type-A self is learning to embrace that!

I would love to hear about the mess in your life!

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  1. amen sister...your house sounds like mine : ) and not 10 minutes ago i told my husband that i appreciate him accepting the mess we often live in...on a day like today making fresh bread and painting watercolor masterpieces with my 2 year old was way more important than scraping up the dried up eggs on the floor under my dining room table {and the 100 other household chores that need to be done}.