Thursday, July 19, 2012

fourteen going on....fourteen

Fourteen months.  There are days where you act like you are fourteen years old.  True story.

You've been know to throw yourself out on the floor after hearing the word 'no'.  We walk around you and try not to laugh.  Then, as quick as a head can spin, you are back to your smiling, happy self. 

You are putting more sentences together.  And you will nod or shake your head to answer questions.  And at the end of every prayer you say, 'Amen.' 

You are wearing a size 5 diaper, size 4 WIDE shoe, and size 18-24 month clothes.  Aunt Ju surprised you with a new-to-us pair of Keds this past weekend.  You haven't wanted to take them off.  You have a little obsession with shoes!  It comes honest.

You still are a great eater.  You ate a pickle for the first time the other day and loved it.  You love cherries, watermelon, rice, and pasta dishes.  And of course, ice cream! 

We are down to three pacis.  One fell in the road and I threw it away.  The other took an unfortunate dip in the toilet after you practiced your throwing skills.  Once we transition away from the night time bottle, the others will start to disappear too. 

You have transitioned to a big girl car seat and forward facing.  You squealed with delight the first time you sat in your new seat.  I kept turning around at stoplights and you would smile real big and say, "Hey Mama!" 

There have been several occasions in the past few weeks where you have woken up after a long night's sleep with a dry diaper.  And you have been caught saying 'pee-pee' before you wet your diaper.  I believe we will slowly start introducing the potty in the next few weeks.  Just to get you used to the idea. 

And it warms my heart every day when I take you to school, you walk in like a big girl and hug your teachers and wave bye-bye to me.  You adore your teachers and your friends in your class.  You say their names on the way to school...Wy-Wy {Wyatt}, Kenny {McKinnley}, Gayce {Grace}, Who {Houston}. 

Harper, you are so bright and just a true delight.  Daddy and I love to see you learning new things and talking more and more.  You bring us so much joy!  We love you to Heaven and back, Sweet Petite!

Stacy and Clinton Approved.  Especially for a Saturday morning ensemble.

This smile.  Makes my morning bright.

Enjoying some water with Aunt Ju on 4th of July.


All smiles in your new big girl seat.

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