Sunday, August 19, 2012

15 on 15

15 months. 

We find ourselves in the full throes of toddlerhood.  Did I really just say toddlerhood?!!  Yikes!

Here are just some of the highlights of the past month:

1.  You are fearless of the water.  We just returned from our annual beach vacation, where you trotted fearlessly towards the ocean, without so much as a glance backward to see if we were following you.

2.  You have 14 teeth.  You wear a size 5 diaper, 24 month clothes, and a size 5 shoe.  This mother-of-the-year was still trying to squeeze you into your size 2 sandals until we bought new shoes at the beach.  Whoops!

3.  You have rhythm and move to the beat of the music.  You love to dance!

4.  You are talking in phrases.  'Rock bye bay-beee', 'Let go {as in, let's go}', 'I did it', 'Buchell choos {as in, buckle shoes}'.

5.  You can point at your eyes, ears, nose and mouth when asked where they are.  You make the cutest pucker sound when we ask you where your mouth is.

6.  You can tell us when your diaper needs to be changed.  And you even sat on the potty once. 

7.  You no longer drink from a bottle.  You enjoy your milk in the morning and night.  And, much to our surprise, you found some Diet Coke at the beach and proceeded to lick it off a table. 

8.  You can say the names of everyone in our family.  {Dadee, Mama, Bubby, Carsee, Nana, Eeah {Lea}, Ju {Julie},  Sigher Gayce {Skylar Grace}, Jippy {Jimmy}, Gigi, Papa, Bandee {Brandon}.  We are still working on Camryn and Sullivan.

9.  You are a great little helper.  You enjoy helping me make the bed in the morning and unload the dishwasher.  You also like to help fold laundry.  I'll have you doing chores in no time!

10.  You are exerting more and more of your independence every day.  And you have been known to throw quite the tantrum when you don't get your way.  You can go from happy to meltdown and back in 2.2 seconds.

11.  Your hair is starting to get a little longer and it has curls at the back.  We still love to wear a bow, right?

12.  When you are caught doing something you shouldn't, you like to run in the opposite the hopes of avoiding the consequences.  So far, I can still run faster than you.

13.  You are still a great eater.  And a great sleeper.  You don't take long naps, but you go to bed between 8-9 every night and wake up around 7 in the morning. 

14.  You are such a social butterfly.  You enjoy talking to everyone you meet that crosses your path.  While we were at the beach, you would walk up to everyone and wave and say 'Hey'. 

15.   You are {and will always be} my greatest joy!

Sweet Petite,  I stand amazed all every new accomplishment of yours.  I take great delight in watching you grow and learn.   You are pure joy, my love.  Pure joy.

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