Friday, August 10, 2012

five minute friday: connect

There is something about a fresh hair cut and color that makes a woman feel pretty {dare I say, prettier}.  Something about it makes her walk with a little extra bounce in her step.  Something about the time spent in a salon lightens a woman's heart.

Even across the state line.  It's no different.

Perhaps it is the fellowship.  Perhaps it is the opportunity to be still for just a moment and solely focus on yourself.  Perhaps it is the feeling of being pampered. 

Today, as I accompanied my  husband on his sales route, I watched beautiful lady after beautiful lady walk in and out of salons.  And each one exuded confidence.  Each one left feeling a little better than she did when she walked in.

And I realized.  Women thrive on connections with other women.  We are a needy bunch, us ladies.  We need friendship.  We need to know there are other women out there that experience the same things we do.  And we do.  At the core of our very hearts, we are really no different.  We all hurt and laugh and cry and break.  We all love and struggle and persevere and hope. 

Hope.  My hope is that women the world over will begin to spur one another on to the good works set before us.  My hope is that women everywhere will encourage one another and love one another and hold one another up.  My hope is that we will glorify Jesus in our relationships--through our fellowship and our conversations. 

My hope is that we will connect with one another in a non-competitive, non-threatening, way.  And truly get to the heart of each other.  Because it is there we find we are all the same.

'Two people are better off than one,
because they can help each other succeed...
...Three are even better,
for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.'
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

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  1. I like your line, "We need to know there are other women out there that experience the same things we do." So true!! I'm a pretty big introvert, and my circle of people with whom I share openly is small. I'm fairly new at blogging, but my acquaintances who read my stories are slowly becoming friends (and not just acquaintances) because I'm finding we have more in common than I ever thought. Thanks for the reminder about just how important we are to each other!