Wednesday, September 19, 2012

sweet sixteen months.... Sweet are sixteen months old!

I want so badly to tell you to slow down.  To stop growing so fast. 

But truth is, I am loving this stage of your life.  You are quite the riot!  Your vocabulary has taken off at rapid speed and your personality just bubbles over. 

You can pitch a good little fit every now and then.  Daddy and I calmly step over you and try our best not to laugh.  You normally regain composure within a few minutes and all is right with the world again.

Toddler tantrum on the way home from church

You have moved up in your class at school and in Sunday School.  You are now in the Toddler class at both school and church.  You love your new teachers.  You are exploring new things and learning something new each day.

You love Sunday School!

You are starting to feed yourself with a spoon and fork.  Although most of the time you just hold the utensil in one hand and eat with the other.  I'm trying to embrace the mess on the kitchen floor as a learning opportunity.  It's a work in progress.  Both your eating with a spoon and my embracing the mess. 

You love your bathtime.  You run back to the bathroom and try to undress yourself when it's time for a bath.  You also like to try and wash your own hair.  It is very cute!

You are wearing size 24 month clothes, a size 5 shoe and a size 5 diaper. 

Your hair is getting longer in the back.  Picture a semi-rat tail, but it curls and it's cute.  The main thing is you wear a bow all the time.  And you have been known to specifically ask for a bow when you wake up.  I think it's because you wake up with a tragic case of bed-head every morning.  Daddy says you get that from me.  I tend to agree.

You have a slight obsession with shoes.  You love to play with your shoes, my shoes and Daddy's flip flops.  You are girl who knows how to accessorize!

You like to tell us what a 'Guh gurl' you are!  Yes, indeed.  You are a good girl, sweet thing. 

You have blossomed from holding our hands when we bless the food to clasping your hands together.  And you loudly exclaim, 'Ah man!' at the end of the blessing. You also shout this when we say our prayers on the way to school.  It causes my heart to swell!

You bring so much joy to our lives.  Daddy and I love to look at you after you have fallen asleep.  We often comment to each other how awesome you are.  You are the light of our lives and we absolutely adore each moment with you.  We love you to Heaven and back, Sweet Petite!

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