Saturday, September 8, 2012

the day in which magic happened....

Four years ago today I witnessed the best magic show of my life.

It was a hot and humid Monday in Florence, South Carolina.  I had been back in town for a little over a year. 

My boyfriend of three years had moved back to Florence in 2006 and we were no longer having to do the whole 'long-distance-dating' thing.  I had watched God do a transforming miracle in this man's life over the course of the three years that we had been dating.  And in the process, God had drawn my heart closer to Him.  And my boyfriend.

This boyfriend called me at work and asked, 'What do you think about getting subs for supper and going to the park?'

Not a question out of the ordinary.  Not in the least.

My reply, 'Sure.'

He met me at my apartment after work and we left for Subs Plus. 

We found a picnic table in the park and ate supper like we had before.  We chatted.  We people-watched.  {Okay, you busted me---I did most of the people-watching.  It's one of my favorite hobbies.  Could that be considered a hobby?!!}

Then suddenly, a strange fella stopped by our picnic table and asked if he could do some magic tricks.

Now, for those of you who have spent some time at the local park, you know there can be a few odd birds lingering about. 

'Sure', we replied.

And he proceeded to show us card tricks and make-the-object appear tricks.  After the fifth or so trick, I was thinking, 'Please let this be your last one.  Please.  Go away weird man.'

Well, it was the last trick that shocked me speechless. 


On his last trick, he disappeared and what was left in his place was a black velvet box with a sparkly diamond, and my boyfriend down on one knee. 

Speechless, I tell you.  Speechless.

This was the man who didn't want to get married.  Or have kids. 

This was the man that I was pretty certain I was wasting my time dating. 

But I loved him.  And kept holding on to the hope that he would ask me to be his wife.

So imagine my surprise when weird magic man morphed into a diamond ring.  Seriously, speechless.

It was an answered prayer.  For both of us.  And the best 'magic trick' of my life.

Was it magic?  Or was it God bringing two people together that He hand-picked for marriage?

I think the later.  I'm absolutely certain of it.

In the seven+ years we have been together, God has done an amazing transformation in both of our lives.  We have drawn closer to Him and felt Him draw closer to us.  We have witnessed His blessings over our marriage and in our family.  We chase Him with hearts that pursue eternity.  We love each other and we love Jesus.

And from that day four years ago until this moment this morning, the 'magic' still happens. 

I think we'll have sub sandwichs to celebrate!

'Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.'
Mark 10:9 (NIV)

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