Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{day 16} what to do when you can't 'fix' it...

Have you ever wanted to fix something?  Something that you had no ability to mend?  Something that you had no control over?  Something that broke you because of its brokenness?

I have this friend who is hurting.  She is in a tough place and facing difficult circumstances.

My heart breaks to see her hurting. 

I want to kick into action and 'fix' it. 

Problem is, I can't. 

My Type-A, doesn't-like-conflict, rose-colored-glasses self wants to make her world all sunshine and rainbows.  I find myself feeling helpless and worthless and useless because there isn't anything I can do.

But today, I was reminded that there is, in fact, something I can do. 

I can pray. 

Without ceasing. 

I can present my requests to God on my friend's behalf.  I can remain confident that He is at work and He WILL bring good from this situation.  I can trust that He is faithful to her family.  I can pour out His love to her and her family.  I can offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.  I can offer bended knees and constant prayers. 

Truth be told, I can not begin to imagine how I would handle the same set of circumstances if I were in her shoes.

However, I am sure of one thing.  I am sure of the God who placed her in this season.  He called her to where she is for a purpose.  And while that purpose may never be revealed this side of Heaven, He is at work all around her for His glory.  And make no mistake, He will be glorified in this. 

I see Him at work in her.  If it weren't for her faith, I know she would have trouble facing the day.  But because of her faith, she faces the day with grace and dignity and hope. 


'May the hope of God fill you with all joy and peace
as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope
 by the power of the Holy Spirit.'
Romans 15:13 

I gave her a card with this verse on it today.  I want this truth to bury itself deep in her heart, so that she knows her hope is found in nothing less than Jesus.  I desperately want the peace that surpasses all understanding to flood her body, spirit and mind, so that she knows, beyond all doubt, that Jesus is at work in her. 
I covet your prayers for my friend. 

I covet your prayers of encouragement for me, so that I may not become discouraged when I can't 'fix' it. 

What is that 'thing' that you long to 'fix', but can't? 

How can I pray for some Almighty mending for you and your situation?

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