Thursday, November 29, 2012

{day twenty nine} on the lessons and blessings from seat warmers...

On a burr-cold morning like today, I found myself really~and by really, I mean extremely~grateful for seat warmers and coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee!

I am a cold-natured person.  I've been known to use a space-heater in my office in the middle of August.  True story. 

Once my feet, hands and nose are cold, then my entire body is bone-chilling cold until those extremeties heat up.  It's devastating, really. 

I always thought of seat warmers as a luxury I wasn't willing to pay extra for.  I mean, I'm not so lazy that I can't dash outside and crank my car so it heats up before I leave for work.  {Okay, you busted me!  I am that lazy!  Or I just dread getting cold.}  Either way, it wasn't until after I purchased my new-to-me car that I stumbled upon the treasure of seat warmers.  I had no idea the Murano had this gift.  I was beyond ecstatic.  Beyond.

{Allow me to digress a smidge and fill you in on my very first experience with seat warmers.}

Journey with me, if you will.

It was a hot, humid day in May.  You know the kind.  When summer rolls in well before Spring has had a chance to ramp up good.  I was home from Clemson for the weekend.  My mama and I were out and about.  And as shocking as it may sound, I sassed her.  {Gasp!}  I know, the horror.  But, as much as I hate to admit it, I had the infrequent tendency of acting like a mouthy, snobby little sorority girl who  knew everything.  I found out quick I didn't know much at all.

For instance, as I started profusely sweating after said mouthiness, I wondered if I was going straight to Hell for using such a tone of voice with my sweet mama.  I mean, I really felt like I had stumbled rear-first into the flaming inferno.

Conviction?  Conscience?  Coincidence?  Conspiracy?

I remember asking, 'Is it hot in here or is it just me?'

And I received a response something along the lines of this, {Mama points at seat-warmer button and replies} 'That'll teach you to sass me, won't it?'

She can be a fiesty lil' thing sometimes.  It's cute.

I had no idea that her car had these things.  Treasures and punishment all rolled into one.  Genius!  Pure genius.

So, back to my gratefulness for the punishment, ur, I mean the treasure.

This morning was cold.  As Harper and I were leaving the house, I remembered the joy of having seat warmers in my car.  I instantly felt as if I would survive the trip to the office.

Oh, the sheer pleasure of toasty, hot buns on a chilly morning driving to work! It makes me want to skip a bit.  Add a piping,hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee to the mix and you've got yourself a fantastic day in the making. I kid you not!

Today was such a day! 

I stayed warm.  Really warm.  {And I had the added blessing of remembering not to sass my mama!}

Blessings abound!

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