Friday, December 28, 2012

in which I recap the best of everything 2012...

What novel was it that read, 'It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.'

Do you remember?

This year was a lot like that, no?

The best.  And some worst.  

But mostly just the best.  Because when you begin to view everything as a grace-gift, then it had to be good. Great, even.  Because He is the Giver of all good gifts.

I can hear the moments ticking by.  Only mere flashes left of this year.  And I reflect with warm affection the best of this year.  All the good gifts given to me by the Giver of all things big and small.

So, I'm inviting you all over to my house.  To grab a comfy chair and relish in the best of my 2012.  And perhaps, spend some time reflecting on the best of your 2012. 

Can you see it?  Do you remember your best?  Of everything? 

Can you pick out those moments that rose above all the rest?  That begged to lay in the sunshine of your memory and warm your soul? 

Let's share these moments.  So that we don't soon forget.  Let's choose to see the best in all the gifts.  So that we don't spend too long gazing at the worst. 

Best laugh?
Pretty certain it was during Justin's farewell/birthday party at EBC when Tory recapped the BMB Chocolate Pie prank.  I could snort just thinking about it.
Best habit?
Hands quiet time spent in the Word.  It rejuvenates my soul like exercise invigorates the body.
Best hard thing?
Watching my best soul sister....pack up her house and move to another state.  But it has made me work even harder at keeping the friendship alive and well.  It also provided me the perfect chance to put away my selfish desires and stand amazed at how God works.
Best jeans?
The pair that I put on after losing some baby weight.  Oldies...but definitely goodies.
Best recipe?
I'm not sure how many times I must say this, but I don't cook.  I prefer my kitchen to stay clean.  But the absolute best recipe is my husband's homemade alfredo.  As appalling as it may sound to those 'weight watchers', I'm fairly certain I could eat it right out the pan with a big ol' spoon.
Best song?
Jesus Loves Me.  We sing it a lot in my house.  Harper loves it.  Therefore, we all love it.  But if you're looking for what I rock out to when I'm all by myself...well that would be, Proud Mary.  Don't mind me if you catch me at the stoplight.  I'm just doing my best Tina Turner impression.
Best book?
Mended by Angie Smith.  My Bible study group actually just wrapped up this study on December 17.  It was great!  I even have a mended tiger to remind me of how God shines through our broken, mended places.
Best holiday?
Mother's Day.  I was able to hold my squishy, chunk of love in my arms and soak up all the precious moments of mommyhood.  She was also dedicated at church and my entire family was there.  Special just doesn't seem like the adequate word to describe this day. 
Best gift?
Okay, wait for it.  KEURIG.  Can you say, Holla?!  Holy smokes, what a perfect cup of joe?  My husband surprised me big time with this one.  I tend to pet it when I walk in the kitchen because it still doesn't seem real.
Best sacrifice?
My body.  It created a miracle.  Housed a tiny being for nine months.  It was stretched and molded and changed. Forever.  My obsession over being a certain size has paled in comparison to my amazement over what a woman's body can do when creating a life.  A precious miracle from God.  I may never be able to fit back into my old clothes.  And not only because my body changed sizes.  My heart grew to enormous portions, too.
Best thing I didn't want to do?
Pray out loud.  I always felt like I would sound dumb.  Or wouldn't know what to say.  But here's the thing....when you allow the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers, then you always have the right words. I've grown by leaps and bounds in my prayer life just by surrendering my selfish ways and taking a step of faith. 
Best trip?
Maryland.  My husband, Harper and I travelled to Maryland back in January to visit his dad.  We surprised him for his birthday.  We stayed in a old cottage house.  And we got to see snow.  What a great time we had!
Best party?
Well, a certain little girl turned one in May.  So, her party tops all the others.  There was smashed cake and icing all over the place.  Wagon rides and time with friends.  It was a blast!
Best answered prayer?
My hunk of a man decided to go back to college.  He starts in January.  I'm pretty sure I might be more excited than him.  After all, I can tell everyone that I am married to a college student {wink, wink!}
Best disgusting experience?
For those that know me, you guessed it right!  Cleaning a turkey.  We spent Thanksgiving with our best friends in Alabama.  And she insisted that I clean the turkey.  I could gag just thinking about it.  She even captured the travesty on video for all the Facebook world to see.  It was gross!  But so much so much that I plan to do it again.  But fun to make memories with those we love most.
Best movie?
Pitch Perfect.  Probably only because it was seen with my best friend before she moved.  And I'm pretty confident that I almost embarrassed her with my outbursts of laughing and snorting.
Best TV show?
Dora, of course.  I jest.  {Not really.}
Criminal Minds.  Hands down.  I don't miss it.  It blows my mind every time.
Best shoes?
These great little silver flats {with major bling} from Target.  I.ADORE.THEM.
I've always been a fashion before function kind of gal, but these are super comfortable.  And equally adorable.  MOSSIMO for the WIN!
Best change?
My hair style.  It came about by chance.  But I am loving the short hair.  I haven't had short hair since high school.  But I am digging the five minute dry, style and go.  Talk about easy when living life with a toddler.  Holla!
Best date?
Just a few weeks ago, actually.  My man surprised me with a babysitter.  And a night out for Christmas shopping.  But not before he whipped into Olive Garden for dinner.  Why?  Because Italian is your favorite!  He knows me so well.  And I love him tremendously for adoring me in spite of myself.

Ok, your turn. 

Give it your best shot. 

What is your best of everything 2012? 

I am dying to know.  I adore you.  And I want to share in your best moments like we are giggling over a piping hot cup of coffee.  I've got my feet propped up and my ears peeled to listen.  Because that is what friends do.  They enjoy each other's moments almost as much as their own. 

For the first person to share by commenting on this post, you will receive a copy of 'Grace for the Good Girl' by Emily Freeman.

Beloved Beauties need not apply {BIG SMILE!}

My Beloved Beauties are embarking on this study starting January 14 and I'd love for you join right alongside us {even from afar} and enjoy the treasures and truth this book has to offer.

On your mark.

Get set.



  1. Am I the first commenter? Fun! Okay, here's my "best of" list. Laugh - I have two friends that are a part of our supper club and you may as well call them Laverne & Shirley because their banter back in forth is hysterical. I seriously have to try not to wet myself because I end up laughing so hard. Habit - My 2 cups of coffee in the morning will always be my best (and favorite!) habit. Hard thing - Growing (and asking for) patience in parenting. I don't spend much time away from Bitty, and although I'm grateful for our time together, often my patience is spent. Jeans - For the second year in a row, my Lucky Brand "Sweet and Straight" jeans win the prize! Recipe - White Chicken Chili has been our fall/winter staple. It is SO GOOD! Song - I can't pick one. Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto and Mumford & Sons' Babel albums have been in heavy rotation this year. Book - Can I confess that the only book I've read this year (besides the Bible) is Redeeming Love? It was so good! (And I only read it a week ago!) Holiday - Phew. I've been quite ill at every holiday. But I think my favorite will always be Christmas. Gift - I've become more aware this year, more than ever, of the gift of salvation. I've just been so grateful to the Lord this year for His sacrifice. Speaking of, sacrifice - I've been serving Community Bible Study this year as a leader. I sacrifice two of Livingston's three Mother's Morning Out days to serve, but I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING because I know I'm right where God wants me to be! Thing I didn't want to do - Quit writing my blog. But God was very clear that I was to stop. Also, I didn't want to submit to the Lord's will as we were trying to sell our home. I was so frustrated that it just sat and sat. But, God reminded me that he had a plan, and it ended up being more perfect than I could have ever imagined AND our new house is better than I could have ever dreamed! Trip - Las Vegas was a lot of fun. I don't think I would have liked it if our daytimes were spent outside of our business convention, and I don't want to go back anytime soon, but it was special to spend time with Kris. Party - New Years Eve/New Years Day 2012 with our best friends. Answered Prayer - Clear direction from the Lord on how to move forward with the radio station. Disgusting experience - Isn't parenting a toddler full of "the nasty" in general? But there's no one else to clean it up! Movie - I can already tell you that Les Mis will be my favorite, even though I haven't seen it yet. TV show - Hart of Dixie. Shoes - My new UGG slippers. Like walking on a cloud. Change - Moving to the new house. Date - The Grotto with Kris! :)

  2. Whitney,
    I love every single one of your best! Your heart for Jesus and parenting is inspiring to many. And yes, the toddler messes are oh-so-gross. I've gagged more than I care to remember ;). But I must say, my non-cooking self absolutely detested touching a turkey. I felt a bit violated in the end. Thanks for sharing! It was almost as good as if we had done it over a cup of coffee face to face.

    Send me your address to and I will put your book in the mail. I'd love for you to participate via Facebook with us. I'll add you to the group so you can see the discussion.

    Happy New Year, my friend!