Thursday, February 14, 2013

{day one} at the foot of the Cross...I lay sickness down...

Old habits are hard to break.

When something has been ingrained into your DNA since the moment you can clearly remember, you can't help but continue participating in the very thing you always have.


It is the season for preparing your heart for Christ.  For Easter.  When He conquered death and left the tomb empty.  Empty.


It is a time to empty ourselves in order to be filled with Him.  To give up in order to fully receive. 

I fail.  Miserably.

Which is perhaps the point in the first place.  That I am completely incapable of doing it alone.  That my flesh craves that which I seek to let go. 

But my spirit.  My spirit is forever connected to the Spirit.  My Comforter.  My Protector.  My Guide.  My Helper.  My Friend.

This Lenten season my heart is focused on the empty tomb.  A tomb meant to hold the body of a Man who came to save.  But the tomb is empty.  And my heart is full.

Full of the weight of remembrance.  Full to brim and overflowing with gratitude. 

For the next forty days, I will let go of worry.  Laying them one by one at the foot of the Cross.  The same Cross where I knelt and freely accepted His undeserving gift.  The same Cross where His grace washes me clean. 

It is here, at the foot of the Cross, that I will remember His sacrifice. 

It is here that I will bathe in His love and mercy.

It is here that I will cling.  Forever. 

Today, I lay the worry of sickness at the Cross.  Because I know there will come day that sickness will end.  I claim the promise that nothing of this world can overtake me.  Because He overcame the world. 

What would you lay at the foot of the Cross today?  How can you prepare your heart for Christ this Lenten Season?

I'd be elated to share this season with you.  To pray for you and your family. 

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