Saturday, April 27, 2013

9 things I learned from an early morning commute....

It has been a week.  One where work beckoned me and a team of people I work with to North Myrtle Beach way early in the morning.  For three days in a row.   I learned a few things this week and thought you might be enlightened to know the same....

1.  The alarm clock should never purposely go off at 2:50am.  Never.  This is an hour reserved only for sleeping.

2.  KK needs to their act together.  They do not open until 6am.  Which led us to DD because their sign shone bright through the darkness at 5:30am.  These folks know our orders by heart after this week.  If I wasn't convinced before this week, I'm certain of it now.  America runs on Dunkin for a reason!

3.  I am incapable of making wise diet decisions when my brain is still asleep.  It has been a week of french fries and hamburgers and donuts.  I think I threw a salad or two in there somewhere, but it was washed down with a milkshake.

4.  Nerves tend to be a little more frazzled when you survive off of 5 hours of sleep each night.  You find yourself walking around in a stupor with your head feeling like it is in the clouds.

5.  I hold a deeper respect for those peeps that work 12-hour shifts on a regular basis; knowing those 12-hour shifts often stretch to 13 and 14 hours.  I also learned that I'm not cut out for it on a regular basis.  Give me a 8-10 hour day any week.

6.  I miss my girl terribly when I wake up in the middle of the night while she is still happy in dreamland and then I pick up in time to take baths and go night-night.

7.  I am convinced that I want a mini-van.  Our boss rented a car for our team to travel in this week.  And as the pilot of that ship, I'm enjoying the bells and whistles.  Automatic side doors.  Lots of storage space.  Mood lighting.  Digital everything.  Not to mention that we made three trips to and from North Myrtle Beach on one tank of gas.  Yep, I could so drive a mini-van.

8.  I miss blogging.  When time is short and sleep whispers sweetly in my ear at night, I find myself making less time for those things I enjoy and more time for sleep.

9.  Everything has fallen by the wayside this week.  The house is a hot-mess.  The laundry has piled up to heights unbelievable.  Much like my brain, everything is scattered and out of sorts.  Yet, I can't quite get it together to put everything together again.

As the next week approaches, with five more days of early mornings, I find myself wondering if I could get an IV of coffee.  I count down the days to May 5, when I can put the early mornings behind me.  At least until the next time....

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