Monday, April 1, 2013

{day thirty nine} at the foot of the cross i lay down my watch...

Time stood still.  

If, but only in my mind.

My heart is still reeling over the perfect memories made on an Easter Sunday that couldn't have been prettier, even if it hadn't rained.

From worship to family pictures in front of a flowered Cross to lunch with family and Easter egg hunts to a two and half hour nap with my girl to a leisurely stroll on the Rail Trail, the day was perfect.  And time seemed to move at a snail's pace. 

The clock was in no hurry to see the day end.  As if the arms that usher forth a new hour knew that this day, a day that marks the remembrance of all things Perfect and Holy, must last longer than usual.  That we needed extra moments to bathe in His grace.  Extra moments to make precious memories with our grace-gifts.  Gifts of worship.  Gifts of family.  Gifts of laughter.  Gifts of delicious meals.  And most definitely the gift of remembering.

Remembering that nothing but the blood of Jesus could wash a sinner like myself clean.

Remembering that nothing but the perfect sacrifice of Jesus would allow me to actually live free.

Remembering that even as I walk my path {similar to the women on the road to Emmaus} there are moments that I fail to see Him before me. 

Remembering that there is work to do. Not housework or yardwork, but the work of sharing Jesus with others.

Yesterday, I did not fret over time or chores or to-do lists or money or clothes.  Nothing mattered except for remembering Jesus and the grace He gave me all those years ago. 

My girl said it best when I asked her before bedtime the same question I ask her everyday.

'Harper, what was your favorite thing about today?'

'Ummm...'  {she said through half-opened eyes and sleepy, sweet voice}   'Ebee-ting.'

Yes, indeed.  Everything.

That was my favorite thing, too.  Everything.

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