Friday, May 17, 2013

a list of 3s...

With only three days left until your birthday, I thought I would list a few of your favorites...

Favorite food:
~rice {hands down your comfort food}
~fruit, specifically bananas, oranges, grapes and strawberries

Favorite TV shows:
~Bubble Guppies
~Max & Ruby {we just recently added this to the line-up; it's my favorite too because it's not one of the above}

Favorite thing to do:
~blow bubbles
~color {both with crayons and chalk}
~play with your baby dolls

Favorite song:
~Call Me Maybe
~Jesus Loves Me
~Happy Birthday to...{you add anyone's name to the song}

Favorite place to visit:
~church {or Rachel's house, as you call it}
~school {you say, let's go see Misha!}
~Dollar General {this still cracks me up}

Favorite book:
~You with Me
~ anything from the Jesus Storybook Bible
~Goodnight Moon

Favorite thing to wear:
~just your undies
~silver sparkles {this is what you call your faux Tom's}
~a dress of any sort

We can't wait to celebrate three different ways with you over the next few days.  We are going to the zoo, enjoying your birthday supper with family, and having a party in your classroom.  

You are loved and celebrated.  Not just on your birthday week, but each and every moment of every single day.

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