Sunday, June 9, 2013

a friendship much sweeter than dessert...

'You stole my french fry' bounced higher and louder across that gym the first time she saw me.  Sometimes first impressions don't stick.  All praise be to God!

The next time we had any interaction was a hot, sticky mess of a Saturday.  My husband {just my boyfriend at the time} and a bunch of people from church were helping put up a privacy fence in her backyard.  I drove over to see if I could help.  She and I wound up on a trip to Lowe's for more supplies.  I don't even remember what we talked about.  I know laughter was involved.

Laugther has always been the glue.

Stealing french fries from unassuming 5 year olds and sweaty trips to Lowe's have the ability to build the unshakable foundation of friendship.  Who knew?

She was here for work this week.  But make no mistake.  God orchastrated the timing.  He knew I would need her strength and encouragement in the moments she would arrive.We waited on tiptoes with noses to glass anticipating her arrival.  We could barely contain the excitement as she ran through the front yard to the front door. 

I'm always amazed how time away only feels like mere moments once we are face to face again. 

We devoured dessert and reach-out-and-actually-touch-you talks like we hadn't dined in months.  Yet it was like she still lived just the street over.  Quite possibly the best birthday gift I've ever been given is dinner with her over grown up conversation.  The dessert may have been sweet, but her friendship will always be sweeter.

She pampered my girl with a mani-pedi while pampering me with her unending, unquestioning love at the same time.  Her patience is a fountain that doesn't run dry.  And her love overflows from the same fountain. 

We dated like two teenagers.  Sneaking in snacks and sharing popcorn on the back row {the actual teenagers making out beside her made it all the more hilarious!}.  And what date isn't complete with ice cream!


Neither of us like good-byes, so we quickly hugged in the parking lot and drove our separate ways.

Lingering in the moment and pouring words and love into the space between us filled my soul to the top.  While the space between us will go empty until the next time, my heart is full of the moments when we are together.  

Until next time my friend....until next time.

'Just as lotions and fragrance give delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.'
Proverbs 27:9

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