Monday, October 28, 2013

{day 28}::the song that changed my mood

i had less than a stellar day.  you could say i woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  i tend to get like this when i feel crunched for time and crouched in my space.  when all the busyness squeezes the life out of me, i find myself feeling irritable and irritated.  mostly over the things that don't really matter a hill of beans. 

i half-heartedly prayed about this very thing this morning. 

i admit, i'm not convinced i actually meant the words i was speaking.  i just wanted life to slow down a bit so i could stop feeling like the proverbial hamster-on-a-wheel. 

i can't stand thinking about myself so much. 

it leaves me feeling icky. 

i left a meeting at church feeling a little bit more uplifted. 

nothing profound happened.  other than being around a table with brothers and sisters in Christ.  they were none the wiser to my foul state of heart.

i went straight from the meeting to Bible study. 

being a room with these ladies always leaves my heart overflowing with His rich abundance.  perhaps that is why i feel so called to minister to women.  {dare i even say that out loud!}

but then again, we are all ministers of the Gospel.  in one way or another.

as i drove away from Bible story, the words of a song i've never heard washed over my spirit and flooded me with purpose.  with reason. 

i was made to be less.  so that He can be more.  for He is everything. 

i love how He reveals Himself to me, in spite of my mess.  in spite of my selfishness. 

may He continue to make me broken.  so that He can keep making me into more of His image.  for if i was created in His image, the people i pass should unmistakably see Him through me.

sometimes the purpose behind your foul mood can simply be a reminder for Him to be more.

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