Thursday, October 31, 2013

{day 30}::the big secret

so, i aimed for 31 days.  i give you 30. 

yesterday was busy that by the time i fell into bed, i did not have the energy to open the laptop. 

for those of you that have visited every day this month, i am so honored you would choose to spend time at my house.  i so wish we could cozy up on my couch over a cup of coffee and chat for hours. 

if you have learned anything in the past month, i pray it has been to see the purpose in all of your moments.  to seek your unique purpose {if you haven't already} and honor the One who gave it to you. 

i have been seeking and praying for more and more of the pieces of this puzzle to fall into place for several years.  it has only been in the past year that i felt the fog lifting and the outlook seems clearer. 

i admit, i'm still not sure exactly what this will look like. nor do i know, when or how it will all roll out. 

here is where i share the other big piece of what i feel i am being led to.

but before i get to that, journey with me for a bit.

my brave, smart husband decided to go back to school last year.  a part of me was jealous.  {yes, i embrace my inner nerd.  no need to snicker!}

the irony is, i had always toyed with the idea of going back to school.  i hold a master's degree in higher education administration, but it is just a piece a paper that hangs on the wall.  i no longer work in that field of study. 

shortly after i started my job at the hospital, i tinkered with the idea of getting a master's degree in hospital administration.  i even looked up the curriculum at the local university. 

the idea was pushed down deep.  so far, i had forgotten about all those thoughts. 

until last summer. 

before my husband had made the decision to go back to school. 

at first i laughed it off.  i chalked it up to curiosity after hearing advertisements on the radio. 

i looked at certain schools on the internet.  i researched the curriculum.  i estimated the time it would take to complete the work. 

and then, i pushed it to the back burner. 


this summer, i looked again.  more serious this time.  with more conviction.  with more certainty.

with perfect clarity, i feel the call to go back to school. 

this time, i am being led to take classes that will help me further develop this ministry. 

a ministry that burns deep in my heart for you.  for all women. 

a passion burns ferociously to develop a thriving women's ministry that builds the Kingdom.  a ministry that causes the fiery pits of hell to shiver.  a ministry that brings all praise and glory to the King. 

a ministry that brings together and binds together a girl barely a woman and a lady that has walked every season of life with such grace and dignity.  a ministry that speaks encouragement to the weary, overworked mama and sings over grandmamas for paving the way.  a ministry that plants Truth deep into the fertile soil of girls facing more drama than we can imagine. 

i believe this is my calling. 

the timing will be perfect.  because it will be orchestrated by the One who gave me this purpose. 

the words of encouragement you have given me over the past couple of years have provided light in the midst of the darkness.  my heart spills forth with gratitude. 


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