Monday, March 3, 2014

the train wreck of her heart...

she sat in front of the class.  a wreck. 
overwhelmed.  overworked.  and overly emotional.

she was supposed to have something eloquent and spiritually moving to offer.

instead, she bared her soul.  the whole ugly mess of it.

after a whirlwind of a work week, she found herself bankrupt.  utterly empty.she spent the week nibbling on morsels that she hoped would keep her full.

by the time sunday rolled around, she was famished and thirsty.
she stumbled to the table, ravenous for bread and parched for living water.

as their eyes glared at the train wreck that was her emotional state, she asked them this. 

what's the best news you've ever heard?

good news. 
sometimes we have to dig deep and bare down hard to find the good news amongst all the bad.
in our society, too many people feast on bad news.  driven by the drama and misery.

but, the gospel. 
yes, the gospel is the best news she ever heard.
even to this day. somehow the weight of the gospel never fails to amaze her. 

and so she asked them this.

how does your life preach the gospel to those around you?

for she was wondering the same about her own life.
she had just spent the week barely spending time with the One who knows her best of all.

early morning travel and long hours left her falling into bed at night, barely able to keep her eyes open.  her patience wore paper thin with her darling girl.  she snapped and gave one word short answers.  she missed her husband terribly and longed for time where the two of them could just be together. 

it's true what they say. 
actions speak louder than words.

and last week, her actions did nothing to preach the gospel those closest to her.

which is why she begged the question to a class she dared to bare her soul.

sometimes the most cleansing thing you can do is dare to be transparent. 

and so she did.
for she never wants anyone to think she has it all together.

she failed miserably last week.
she was desperate for her Savior.

through honest tears, she fell at His feet. 
no words would come.
just simply, His name.


there is power in His name.

so she just kept calling out to Him.
she lifted her arms in worship and offered herself.
overwhelmed, overworked and overly emotional.
and in that moment He filled her up. to the brim and overflowing.

she basks in the radiance of His new mercies. 
begging for His light to shine through her. even on the worst of days. 

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