Thursday, May 8, 2014

to the love of my life, on the occasion of our five year anniversary...

five years.
some days it feels like an eternity.
most days it seems like the blink of an eye.

it seems like ages ago when he threw rocks at her freshman window.
a giggly, google-eyed girl who snuck out of her house, only to lock herself in a bathroom because she was too shy to talk to her crush.

years passed and life happened.
separate paths were trod.

until one march evening, she arrived home to the sound of his voice on her answering machine.
a voice she hadn't heard in ten years.  
yet, a voice that couldn't be mistaken.

i suppose her heart fluttered a bit.
actually, it still does.

he swept her off her feet in the sleepy little town of pendleton, south carolina.
he romanced her with yellow peeps and easter lilies and enough groceries to feed an army.

they weathered many a storm before the surprise magic show in the park on a humid, summer night.
her eyes opened to find the shady magician had disappeared and in his place was the one question she thought he would never ask.

eight months later, she glided down the aisle and into his last name. 

she'd be lying if she said the past five years have been easy.
but marriage is anything but easy.

her mistakes measure a mile wide.
but her love stretches from east to west.

marriage advice is long and quick from those who have been there and done that.
and yet somehow, you never really understand until you stand face to face in a situation that begs you to lay down yourself for the other.

she's learning that some people fall in and out of love quicker than the blink of an eye.
she's discovered that marriage is not about putting the toilet seat down or throwing your clothes in the laundry basket or making the bed every morning.
he's showing her that love bends and gives and compromises and sacrifices.
their's is a lasting love.  a love with Christ at the center.

they cover each other in grace.
offering forgiveness when selfishness threatens to steal their joy.

her heart still flutters when she stares deep into his green eyes.
he still remembers that she is left-handed.  and has two dimples.
she feels completely at home wrapped in his tight embrace.

he still makes her laugh uncontrollably.
and surprises her in the least expected ways. 
he loves her well.

five years.
it seems hard to believe.

she's learned a lot about being a bride.
but she still has lessons to go.

this man of hers is all her heart desires.
he keeps her from being too serious.
she balances the kid in him.
he healed her in places she thought broken beyond repair.
she encourages him and supports him in his darkest of days.

five years.
and her heart beats faster at the sound of his voice.
five years.
and their love is stronger.
five years.
and they are learning to outserve one another.
five years. 
and she looks forward to many more.

this love story could only have been written by the very Hands that orchestrated their two paths to cross in that sleepy little town nestled in the upstate.  

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