Thursday, October 9, 2014

{day nine} that time she danced...

there are days when the sheer magnitude of the grace of motherhood stops me in my tracks.
today was one of those days.
only One can give gifts as sweet as these.
i pinky promise.

after a long, grueling six months, i was scheduled for my last injection this morning.  i took the entire day off because i had another appointment later in the afternoon and we all know how long the wait can be in rooms packed with people.
when my girl learned i had the day off, she insisted on staying with me.
and so, i obliged.

the worry of her making the trip to the hospital threatened to knock me down.
but she, in all the compassion her tiny heart can contain, felt i needed a support system.
she declared she was going to hold my hand.
the lump in my throat liked to choke me.

as we waited, there were terminally ill people on all sides.
there was one in particular that burrowed her way deep into my soul.

she oozed elegance in her head scarf and immaculate makeup.
her eyes dazzled as she watched my girl and me.
at one point, i caught her grinning as my girl twirled and danced.
i had almost stopped the tiny dancer.
until i saw the beauty of her rosy smile.

then they called my name.

my girl waved at the beautifully brave bald woman of grace and told her to have a good day.
she chuckled as her big brown eyes danced with delight.
again, the lump swelled in my throat.
for the weight of this gift takes my breath away.

she was gone when we emerged from the room.

i am not sure where she is in her treatment journey.
and i don't even know her name.
but i do know that our paths were destined to cross this day.
i have spent much of time praying for her today.

as my girl and i walked hand in hand out of the hospital and into the cool breeze of a fall morning, a six month journey drew to an end for me.
one i have tried my best to just endure.

yet, in many ways, this journey of motherhood is just getting started.
and the grace of this unserved gift will never be lost on me.

no, never.

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