Wednesday, December 10, 2014

for the days when it feels time is running out...

there are two unmade beds in my house.
and a sink full of dirty dishes.

the dishwasher is full of clean dishes.  
from thanksgiving. for the love.
a mountain of laundry stands in my hallway.
and the toilets could use a good scrubbing.

the front yard is blanketed in leaves.
and there are four unread books on my nightstand.

our Christmas cards have not been stuffed, addressed and stamped.
and there are bags of presents yet to be wrapped.

there are unanswered messages. 
not returned texts and phone calls.
and to-do lists at least a mile long.

i do not recall the last time we ate supper at our kitchen table.
and my three year is still sleeping in our bed.
as well as a lanky, plastic doll named daisy abigail.
don't ask.

we live in a world where each day we feel as if we are running out of time.
we wish for longer days where we can accomplish everything we feel is important.
and the minute we check off something from the list, ten more things take the place.

we are frantic and frazzled and frenzied.
exhausted and depleted.
running on empty and searching for rest.

time is a gift.
a precious commodity that we spend most of our days wasting.

but i am learning that time is not running out.
rather time is running towards something.
someOne.  the very One who spoke time into existence.

there is a time coming.
when mothers will no longer mourn the loss babies.
when the atrocities of human trafficking and sex slavery will be banished.
when all disease and sickness will be healed.
when all manner of differences will matter no more.

time is coming when Light will break through the darkness.
blinding everyone with His radiant glory.
when every knee will bow and tongue confess.
Jesus is Lord.

on the days when you feel time is running out, 
might you purpose your heart to know you are running towards a time.

a time of great anticipation for those of us who know Jesus.
a time when the heavens will split wide open and His will will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

so the dishes can wait a little longer.
and the laundry can continue to pile high.
instead of watching the clock and fleeting time, my heart is set on the time coming.

join me, won't you?

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