Tuesday, December 30, 2014

in which we share our theme for the new year...

there is no way i could have known how choosing a theme for our year would shape the way we journeyed through the most difficult year to date.

no way.

when i glance over my shoulder at the rocky terrain we traveled, i am slack-jawed.
amazed by the grace shown to us.
and the grace we gave each other.

i have spent the better part of the past month praying and pondering our theme for the new year.
during those weeks, a recurring word has flashed before me.
yet, i have shoved it to the side.
ignored what i knew was to frame our new year.

the simplicity of it was more than my heart could stand.
while i did not want to admit it, it is a theme that we so desperately need.  
for you do not get to travel the path we have this year and not arrive weary and broken.

and so, we bid farewell to the year that seemed to last forever.  
the year that met us with twists and turns and detours and ditches.
lots of ditches.

as the new year glimmers on the horizon, we squint our eyes from the brightness.
for we know He crowns the year with His goodness.
we are positioning our hearts to live out our newly chosen theme with a fresh resolve.

make no mistake, we know this year will not be easy.
we know we will be met with more detours and rocky roads.
but our hearts long to pour out the love He has given us on each other and all those we encounter along the way.

this coming year, we desire to be lavish in love.
and big spenders of grace.

may 2015 be the year we lavishly love all those we meet.  

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