Friday, January 9, 2015

with passionate hearts....

her freshman year she lived in 3d1 in lever.
and then across the horseshoe in barnett hall her sophomore year.
as far as she can remember, she was passionate about the esso club, mixers, and the social scene.

she lived that social scene for more years than she cares to remember.
self-absorbed and fancy free.

never once did she think to occupy her streets in pursuit of sharing Jesus.
not once.

she tread many a mile in the hills nestled at the foot of the blue ridge mountains.
and can not recall a single moment when she was passionate about anything other than herself.

last week this time she sat in an arena full of 20,000 college students.
they came from near and far for one reason. and one reason only.

each heart passionately beating for the one, true King.

she has spent the better part of this week reflecting on last week.
on the space she shared with all those college students who shine brightly on their campuses.
people told her those were the best years.
the years she would want to remember forever.

she begs to differ.

rather, she believes these are the best years.
the years where she has walked in communion with Jesus.
the moments she has shared growing her relationship with the very One who created her.
she has learned to love and serve and worship.

those 20,000 college students from all the world have stayed with her this week.
she has prayed they would boldly walk the paths of their campus and be a beacon of light to those lost in darkness.
she hopes they will occupy their dorms and auditoriums and sorority houses sharing the gospel in a way like never before.
she believes their hearts will always beat passionately for the One they came to worship last weekend.

because they are a generation living for His great name.

yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws,    we wait for you;your name and renown    are the desire of our hearts.~isaiah 26:8

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