Saturday, November 19, 2016

two months...

two months in and we are completely smitten.
we are adjusting to a new normal.
but you are such an easy-going little fella.

you still are not a fan of the bath.
and you certainly do not like having your diaper changed.

but the non-stop loud singing and dancing.
running and belly-laughing don't seem to phase you.

your eyes are immediately drawn to the light.
you stare intently and seem to be lost in thought.

you love the swing.
and we often catch you talking to yourself in the mirror that is above you.
you will talk yourself to sleep.
until you are snoring.
speaking of which, you rival your daddy in that arena.

among a family of food lovers, it should come as no surprise that you like to eat.
a lot.
you are eating seven to eight ounces about every four hours.
but you are still sleeping through the night.
thank you for that.  seriously. from the bottom of my heart.

you have fondly been deemed as 'bubba'.
which can be confusing since we already have a bubby in the house.
but i simply call you my baby.
or mama's boy.

one day you probably won't appreciate the mama's boy title.
but it doesn't change the fact that you are, in fact, a mama's boy.
and that's okay.

you started daycare this week.
i cried the whole way to work.
and i spent the entire day thinking about you.
as soon as i walked in the door, i scooped you up.
and snuggled for the rest of the night.

my friends with little boys warned me about you.
they did their best to tell me how little boys capture a special piece of a mama's heart.
but goodness gracious, you are really too sweet for words.
as your sister would say, 'you are just so stinkin' adorable!'
we couldn't agree more.

we are absolutely, positively, head-over-heels for you, griggs michael!

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