Saturday, December 31, 2016

as we step into the new year...

my mama always told me to choose my words wisely.
as a mouthy teenager, i was certain she meant just when i was speaking to her.
or my diddy.

it took me a long time to fully understand what she meant.

we spoke harsh words this year.
words we wish we could take back.

we also had harsh words spoken to us.
and about us.
the result was a broken heart.
for weeks, i nursed my wounds.
replaying those words over and over like a broken record.

the old adage that sticks and stones break your bones.
but words will never hurt you.

yeah, that's a big fat lie.
straight from the pits of hell.

ask me how i know.

words do hurt.
in fact, they have the power to kill.
and destroy.

when we choose to believe the lie of hurtful words.
we give power to the enemy.
and we allow those words to seep into the very marrow of our bones.

on the flip side.
words also can breath life into the hearts around us.
they can be the very salve to heal the wounds of a broken heart.
when we choose them wisely, we choose to speak love into the atmosphere.

we may never understand the power of our words this side of heaven.
but make no mistake.
words wrapped in grace.
dripping with love.
and strung together with His infinite mercy.

those words bear weight.
those words change hearts.
those words move the Kingdom forward.

and so, this year, we are choosing to speak life into the hearts around us.
we want to choose our words wisely.
we want speak with grace and love.
we want to give people hope.

but we aren't naïve.

we know we will fail you.
and you will fail us.

we will speak more harsh words.
words we will regret and want to take back.
and stone-throw words will be spoken to us and about us.

yet, we will continue to ask Him to redeem such hard words.
and give us the strength to forgive ourselves.
as well as those that speak death to our hearts.

everyday, we promise to keep speaking life.
into the broken hearted.
to the deepest darkest places.
we pray that the words we so wisely choose will speak love.
love that catches like wildfire.
and we pray that hope falls like rain.
washing those in our paths with His abounding grace.

hold us accountable, won't you?

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