Monday, December 19, 2016

three months...

a quarter of year.
so much of that doesn't seem right.
no matter how far i journey through motherhood, i will never understand the warp speed of it all.

most days i am still amazed that you are growing and thriving outside of me.
i miss the dance of you within my womb.
the secret language we would share throughout the day.

but i suppose we dance in a different way now.

you like the soft sway and hushed whispers while starring at the twinkling lights of the tree.
and i love the deep sigh and flutter of your eyes as you start the slow drift to dreamland.

we have turned a corner and you now seem to like your bath.
i seem to have found the perfect temperature and you have found that splashing is quite fun.

your smile can warm the coldest of days.
and you talk all the time.

between the drool fest and the fist chewing, i believe you are showing early signs of teething.
you are trying so hard to be a thumb-sucker.
and we are trying just as hard to keep you from that.
most days, you can be found with your paci and thumb in your mouth.
at the same time.

as of this weekend, you weighed a whopping 15.8 pounds.
you are a chunky monkey, son.
and i love every roll and dimple.
just more sugar to love!

you truly have just the sweetest disposition.
i dare say you have been easy.
you take our loudness and craziness in stride.

you still are not a fan of tummy time.
but i think it has more to do with the fact that you can't see what all is going on around you.
you may have a smidge of my nosyness.
not that i'm really nosy.
i prefer to call it observant.  
so, i think you are going to be observant, too.
let's go with that.

you have adjusted to daycare very well.
probably because you are extremely loved and spoiled.

i tend to me more relaxed this go 'round.
sleep schedules and feeding schedules do not concern me.
we take our cues from you.
not the clock.
which makes life a little more calm.

and let me just say this.
no matter what you may think later in life.
or what your daddy may jokingly say.
you are just too cute for words in your monograms and john-johns.
one day, you will understand.
and even if you don't, just pretend you do.

i love you, boog...

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