Wednesday, July 19, 2017

10 months...

how are you 10 months already?!!
you need to slow your roll, man.

it has been a whirl-wind of a month.  we have traveled near and far for your bubby's legion baseball games.  and you love to watch him.  your face lights up when you see him.  i can't wait to see him teach you how to play baseball.

your bottom two teeth have finally broken through.  i was beginning to think that would never happen.  and man alive, you were one more cranky dude for a few days.  whew!  we survived, though.

we tried introducing a sippy cup, but you want absolutely NOTHING to do with that.  you barely want to hold your own bottle.  you would much prefer someone feed you.  honestly, i am totally cool with it. 

you are crawling all over the place.  and pulling up.  you will let go with one hand and occasionally we will catch you not holding on at all.  when i see that, i have the biggest urge to push you to your bottom.  i'm not ready!  can't you stay little forever?!!

you are holding steady wearing size 18-24 month clothes and a size 5 diaper.  you wear a size 3 shoe.  although, you can not stand shoes!  you would rather be barefooted.  Gigi reminded me that children in third-world countries learn to walk barefooted all the time (she heard that from the doctor she used to work with) and that it was actually better for you to learn to walk bare-footed. 

you are eating three "meals" a day with a few snacks in between.  you love yogurt melts and teething cookies!  you have started eating chunky food {barf!} and the ones with meat literally smell like it!  i just can't {gag!} feed it to you.  instead, i send it to daycare and it is your lunch.  {giggle}

you are saying "bye-bye".  we are trying to teach you to wave, but you haven't quite mastered that skill.  you love to play "peek-a-boo".  you will cover the side of your face when we do it and smile
so big. 

you are such a happy, content baby.  and we are beyond blessed to call you ours.  stay sweet, baby boy!  and always know just how much your mama loves you....

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