Wednesday, September 20, 2017

a full trip around the sun...

here we are.
a year later and it all seems like yesterday.
you have made a full trip around the sun.
bringing us more joy than we could have ever imagined.

we celebrated your birthday this past Sunday.  you were such a trooper despite your double ear infection and fever.  i had taken you to urgent care that morning because you ran a fever all weekend.  late Saturday afternoon, you started tugging on your ears and we knew.  it was time for your first trip to the doctor for a sick visit.  

you were celebrated by our family and friends that are like family.  it was a wonderful day full of laughter and love.  but when it was over, you nonchalantly walked right over to the steps under the garage.  carefully navigated up the platform and sat down at the back door staring at all the guests.  you had this expression like 'okay, party's over.  you can leave now.'  your cheeks were flushed with fever and you were ready to go back to napping.  it was pitiful and precious, all at the same time.

you tip the scales at 30 pounds and you are wearing a solid size 24 month clothes.
because you have started walking, i took you to stride rite and had your foot measured.
you are wearing a size 5 shoe.  although, you can't stand to put anything on your feet. you curl your toes and kick your legs when we try to put them on those chubby feet.  

you have four teeth.  the bottom two and top two are now fully in.  and i must admit, however cute it is, you look older with teeth and it makes my heart hurt a little bit.  you had transitioned to more table food and you are down to two bottles a day.  you drink whole milk and water throughout the day.  i cherish those morning and evening bottles because those are about the only times you will sit quiet still in my lap and just let me kiss you and smell the top of your head.

you are into EVERYTHING.  you open and close cabinet doors with a fierceness.  and you can bang on a window until i am sure it will break.  we are still living with Gigi and Papa for now while we look for a house.  and i am always scared that you are going to break something really valuable.  i'm counting the fact that i have to follow you all around the house as exercise.  don't ever tell me different, okay?

you are a great sleeper.   although, you still prefer to sleep in the rock n' play.  you really look a bit like buddy the elf in that thing.  your feet hang out and your arms dangle off.  we have tried you in the big bed, but there isn't room for all of us.  we bought you a cot like the one you sleep on at school.  you slept on it for about three hours and then sat straight up and wouldn't lay back down on it.  but the minute we put you in the rock n' play it is lights out for you until morning.  it is the wildest thing!  i keep reminding myself that you won't actually leave for college still sleeping in it.  by the time we do find a house, you will be in a straight up big boy bed.  

bud, never forget that you came at just the right time and have completed us all in a way we never knew you could.  your smile is contagious.  your joy is infectious.  and we are better because of you.  you delight us.  always remember you are lavishly loved!

happy birthday, my boy!  

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