Saturday, March 24, 2018

when it's time to walk away...

There are things of this world that my heart will never comprehend. And I will never understand how a humble, kind, loving person can be tossed out.

With no reason or warning.

It makes no sense to me.

But then again, little does in the corporate world.

Years ago, when I was struggling with life, a sweet soul entered my world.

She was a ray of sunshine covered in grace.

And she made coming to work easy.

She led with humility, compassion, love and mercy.

She never looked for recognition or accolades. 

She just wanted to come to work each day and do good work.

I learned a lot from her. She is quite possibly the single most influential person in my career. But she inspires me far beyond the walls of work.

Leadership is both a privilege and responsibility. There are some that do not see it that way.  Some leaders are in it for fame, fortune and personal gain. Some leaders stunt the growth of others.

She isn’t like most.  She is set apart.

It is rare in corporate America to meet someone who leads like Jesus. Leaders who can make their employees feel valued are worth gold.  She was the gardener-type leader.  The kind that would kneel down, roll up her sleeves, get her hands dirty and tend to the soul in order for you to grow and flourish and thrive.  

A light went dark the day she walked out of the building.

And a little piece of all our hearts broke.

Now that we are months past that awful day, I can see the work of God all over the situation.  Sometimes the unimaginable occurs so we will lean closer into Him. I spent months listening for His voice.  Direction on where He was leading me. Courage to follow even though change is unnerving. Uncertainly and anxiety wrapped around me like a heavy coat. Until a divine appointment covered me with peace and clarity.

Yesterday, after almost nine years, I walked out of that building for the last time. As that place grew smaller in the rear view mirror, I was overwhelmed.  It was hard and freeing, happy and sad, spring and winter.  All at the same time.

But, it was my time.  Time for a new beginning.  Time for healing. Time for serenity. For there are things that cannot be changed and wisdom comes in knowing when to walk away.

There is only One who makes a way in the wilderness. Streams in a wasteland. He is doing a new thing.  And I am watching with eager anticipation as it all unfolds.

I rest in that truth. 

He works it for good.

And so much good awaits.

Sometimes, we just have to sit with Him awhile in the wasteland.

But rest assured, He is working for your good.

All the crummy, hard, dark days will be worked for your good and His glory.

If only we watch and wait and have faith….

Just you watch and see.

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