Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Tory!

I fell in love with a man over six years ago that was a daddy.  And he is a great daddy!  Honestly, it was one of the many reasons that I fell for him.  I knew that I wanted him to be the father of my child(ren) one day.  That dream came true four weeks ago.

Victor adores his dad and our daugther, Harper, calms at just the sound of her daddy's voice.  When I watch him with the children, I fall deeper and deeper in love with him.  As a girl, I dreamed of marrying a man who wanted to be a father.  As a woman, I have my dream come true with my husband. 

Each day I look forward to raising our family together...

Thank you, Tory, for being such a wonderful daddy to Victor and Harper!  You are teaching them and loving them and encouraging them and nurturing them and guiding them...and you are doing it by seeking instruction from the Lord.  I could not love you more if I tried...

Happy Father's Day to my husband, my friend, my partner, my the man that made me a mother!  I love you more than words will ever be able to adequately articulate. 

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