Sunday, November 20, 2011

half a dozen months

six to one, half dozen another...

Gracious, where to begin!  This month has found us with more than half a dozen accomplishments...

First things first, you are eating your veggies and some fruit twice a day.  I am making all your baby food and so far, you are quite a fan of mommy's "cooking".  You have tried sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, sweet peas and bananas.  You were not all that fond of the bananas, but you love your sweet potatoes and sweet peas.  Hmmm....could it have something to do with the word "sweet"????  I fear you may have inherited your mama's sweet tooth.

Speaking of actually have teeth.  As in two...your two bottom teeth popped through almost simultaneously.  One night, as we were playing on the couch, I painfully discovered that both of your teeth had come in.  I cried...not because you chomped down on my finger...but because you actually had two teeth.  You didn't give us the normal teething fuss...a lot of drool...but no real fuss.

You enjoy your belly laughs with Daddy.  Nobody can make you laugh like he can...and I mean, you cackle.  It is hilarious!  And you have started to clap your hands.  Of course, when we try to get you clap, you look at everyone like they have two heads, but then moments later you will clap and we all just clap right along with you.

You love to sing the "Wheels on the Bus."  I've tried to sing other songs to soothe you, but apparently this is "your" song.  It is on auto-repeat in mommy's head...ALL.DAY.LONG.  Bless you, my child!

You are scooting backwards on your tummy.  The other day I found you under the coffee table.  You had scooted from your blanket under the table in a matter of seconds.  We both got a good laugh out of that. 

You have started to turn the page as we read books.  You seem to understand the story and listen very intently.  I pray you are a book-worm like your mommy. 

You love to listen to music.  You and daddy listen to music at night and he dances with you in the den.  I pray you love music like your daddy.

You discovered your feet last month, but this month you've discovered how to put them in your mouth.  While it is cute at this age, I pray you don't suffer from "foot-in-mouth" often in your older years. 

You have started to give hugs, especially when I pick you up from school.  I pick you up, spin you around, and we hug for a bit.  You put one hand on my neck and bury your head in my shoulder.  And my heart soaks it all in.

My heart soaks in every single little moment with you.  Every single little moment has brought me and your Daddy such joy these past six months.  You are precious to us, Sweet Petite!  I can't imagine any greater calling than being your mommy. 

We love you.....more than you will ever fully be able to comprehend!

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