Friday, March 2, 2012

five minute friday: ache

On Five Minute Fridays, we link up with The Gypsy Mama and write for five minutes flat.  No editing, no spell-check, no over-analyzing of words,  just pure writing from the heart.  Join us? 


When she cried out at 5 o'clock this morning and I stumbled in to pick her up, she only wanted mommy snuggles.  My heart ached.  Ached for this baby girl that I love more than my heart can handle.

When she finally woke up in my bed at 6:30 and whispered, "Hi", my heart ached.  Ached at the sweetest word I hear every morning.

When she followed me around the house as fast as her knees would move her and wanted to cling to my legs, my heart ached.  Ached at this precious baby girl who wants to be near her mommy.

When I was scurrying around like a mad woman trying to make sure we were packed and prepared for our first weekend away from her, my heart ached.  Ached because I will be a couple hours away from her for two whole nights.  Two whole nights that in my aching heart feel like an eternity this morning.

When I dropped her off at school and lingered just a moment longer to squeeze her and kiss her cheeks, my heart ached.  Ached because I love her more than my heart can contain.

And when I was trying to figure out why something was just off when I got to work, I realized that my heart ached.  Ached because I will miss her so much.

The Holy Spirit recognized my ache and I stumbled upon this verse. It's truth was whispered into my aching heart and soothed my hurt.

"As a mother comforts her child,
   so will I comfort you,"
Isaiah 66:13


  1. Beautiful post!
    I feel this way anytime I leave my family.

  2. Jess, what a wonderful description of the love you have for your daughter. I was reminded of what Jesus must feel about us. Thank you for that picture.

  3. yes. this is it. the ache we mamas feel, put down in beautiful words...enjoy your time away!

  4. Hello from another Jess. :)

    Very nice to meet you and see your darling family. Love your words on ache. Its such a struggle as a mom. I want the rewind button almost every day.