Sunday, March 4, 2012

the rarest of weekends

There's something to be said about spending the weekend with your best friend.  Your soul-mate.  Your number one supporter.  The person that dreams big with me.  The person that understands me and accepts me.  The person that loves me unconditionally.  My husband.

This was the first weekend since our honeymoon that the two of us have spent a weekend alone together.  We've been married for almost three years, so it was past time.  Way past time.

We stole away to the beach for two purposes.  One, it was the EBC Deacon's Retreat.  Two, we stayed an extra night for just the two of us. 

We talked about the future.  We talked about our marriage.  We talked about our relationships with the Holy Spirit.  We laughed about the past.  We wanted to cry over how much we missed the kids. 

And I finally felt the weight of how much he misses his son most of the time.  I miss him, too.  But the ache that I felt for Sweet Petite this weekend forced me to realize how much he misses Victor everyday.  It was a hard burden to bear.  And it was a blessing.  It blessed me to experience the same feelings that my husband has because it gave me a better understanding of him.

We enjoyed the best burger at the beach.  We experienced the Melting Pot together for the first time.  We relaxed over a wonderful dinner at our favorite spot on the beach. 

We shopped {mostly for the kids}.  We moved at a slower pace.  We rested.  We held hands.  We talked without interruption.  We put the phones down and looked at each other.    We reconnected.

And I fell more in love.

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