Thursday, April 19, 2012

one month until the big birthday!

Happy 11 months, Sweet Petite!

I'm not sure how we got to this point so fast.  I have tried to pretend like it isn't happening.  Tried to avoid the inevitable.  But the fact remains.  You will actually turn one year old next month.  It is hard to fathom.  I feel like we just pulled in the driveway from the hospital.

Your accomplishments abounded this month!

First of all, you are walking.  WALKING.  Oh, how I cried when you took your first steps.  It is your rite of passage to a little more freedom.  And you are enjoying every minute of it!

You have become the personal greeting committee on the Rail Trail.  We have spent many afternoons strolling the trail, where you greet everyone we pass with a "Hi!"  You also enjoy pointing and talking {loudly} to the squirrels.

You have a total of five teeth.  Three on the top and two on the bottom.  We are waiting for the fourth top tooth to pop through.  The two teeth beside your top front teeth have given us a fit.  And yes, I mean us!  You have been quite the Crabby Appleton with these two.  You have spent much time gnawing on cold teething rings or chewing on an extra wash cloth during bath time.  But your sweet little grin makes all the fussiness worth it!  Oh how I melt when you smile!

Doesn't that grin make you want to melt?

You are wearing a size 4 diaper, size 12 month clothes and size 2 shoes.  It's sandal season and you look so precious in your summer shoe wear!  We sat you on our bathroom scale last week and you weighed in at 22.8 pounds.  Gracious!  You are a growing girl!

And since we are talking about growing, let me just throw this out there.  You got your eating habits honest.  From both the Griggs and Brown families.  You like to eat.  Everything!  You are eating all table food now.  There isn't anything you don't eat.  I have even caught you sneaking the rogue Cheerio off the kitchen floor.  Who needs a broom, right?!  It seems your favorites are rice, mashed potatoes, any form of fruit {with the exception of honeydew}, and all vegetables.  And let's be honest, you have a hankering for dessert.  You are your mama's girl!  Everytime you take a bite, you say, "Hmmm!"  And everytime you take a sip of water, you say "Ahhh!"  I have no idea where you picked that up from, but it is too cute.

Daddy installed all the cabinet locks a few weeks ago.  And you were not a happy camper.  You did not understand why you could not open and slam the cabinet doors anymore.  It didn't stop you from trying....endlessly.  It kept you entertained for a good fifteen minutes.  And I laughed.  You, on the other hand, were not amused.

You do not like getting changed anymore.  Simply because you do not like being still for any period of time.  You will crawl off sans diaper and I have to chase you down to get you dressed.  It has become a good little workout for me.

You are still battling me with the hairbows.  I'm still winning, by the way.  This 'game' is riveting, I tell you.  Riveting.

Sweet Petite, you are loved.  And adored.  And spoiled rotten.  The past 11 months have brought so much joy to my life.  My heart overflows more and more.  You are the bright spot in my day.  Always.  And Daddy finally admitted {in writing} this week that you have him wrapped around your little finger.  I always knew it to be true.  You adore your Daddy and he adores you. 

We love you to Heaven and back, Sweet Petite!

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