Monday, July 2, 2012

life lessons for my girl

My daugther, this tiny little bundle of giggles and bubble baths and rock-a-byes, this precious girl that makes me want to be a better woman, this beautiful baby who taught me how to love like no tomorrow and made me come face-to-face with my insecurities and flaws and imperfections.

Her.  Yes, her.  She is molding me into a better version of myself.  Every middle of the night wake up.  Every mile rocked in the green recliner. Every splash in the bath tub.  Each and every one of those.  And so much more.  She is teaching me patience and sacrifice and beauty and goodness and kindness. 

She is the best lesson in humility I've ever been taught. 

And there are so many things that I want to teach her.  Mainly, I want my life and the things I do and say to point her to the Cross. 

But in the past thirteen months, I've concocted a list of things I want her to know {and believe}.  And that lists just keeps getting longer.

1.   Your smile melts my heart.  Every time.
2.   Your are hand-crafted by God.  From the color of your eyes to the size of your thighs.  He makes no mistake.
3.   Ice cream cures all sorts of ailments.  Add toppings for good measure.
4.   Life is hard and so is love, but believe in both.
5.   Mean girls follow you through life.  Resist the temptation to be one of those.
6.   Pretty is as pretty does.  Gigi taught me that.
7.   You have a voice.  And your opinion does matter.  {Especially to me.}
8.   I will always pray without ceasing for you.  From spelling tests to skinned knees to marriage vows. It is all worthy of prayer.
9.   Oreos and milk can make a bad day better.  Just dunk and see.
10. Not everyday is a bad hair day.
11. Water-proof mascara.  You are a Griggs girl.  And Griggs girls cry.  Hard and fast.  It's what makes us real.  And strong.
12.  Hollywood and magazines tell you lies.  Sex is only meant for marriage.  It is a special relationship that only a husband and wife should share.
13.  You are not the center of the universe.  True story.
14.  The Bible is your road map.  And the greatest romance you will ever read. 
15.  I want to be your best friend.  But I want to be your mama more.
16.  Daddy will teach you about music.  And math.
17.  A clean house does not make memories.
18.  Patience is a fruit.  Water it and it will grow.
19.  Your heart will break.  But God will heal the broken heart and bind your wounds.
20.  Not everything is good.  But He works all things together for good for His glory.  Wait for the beautiful to surface from the rubble.
21.  If something constrains you--be it a pair of jeans or a relationship--don't buy it.   Regardless of the trend.
22.  You can't believe everything you hear.  Or read.
23.  There will always be two sides to every story.  Seek Him for the truth of the matter.
24.  Jesus loves you, this I know.  Because He told me so.
25.  Be silly.  Dance wildly.  Sing out of tune.  Have fun.
26.  It's okay to miss home.  Even if it is only a mile down the road.
27.  There is nothing you will do or say that will make me love you less.  Or more.
28.  You will always be my sunshine.
29.  I will disappoint you.  And embarass you.  But it doesn't mean that I don't love you. 
30.  Reading is good for your soul.
31.  Girlfriends are always worth it.
32.  Prayer is just a conversation with Jesus.  Talk. And listen!
33.  You are precious in His sight.  And mine, too.
34.  A cup of coffee shared amongst girlfriends makes for a great day.  Do life with your friends.
35.  Your daddy will always love you more than any boy could ever try.
36.  Work is not a means to make money.  It is a privilege in which to share Jesus.
37.  There is a difference between a diet and being healthy.  Choose healthy.  Indulge every now and then.
38.  You ARE most definitely a Princess.  After all, you are a daughter of the King.
39.  A cute pair of shoes can completely transform an outfit.
40.  Kindness is the best fashion statement.  Always wear a smile and speak to those you meet.
41.  Keeping up with the Jones' is a race you will never win.  Don't even try.
42.  Sometimes a movie and popcorn is the only answer.  With a Diet Coke and Cherry Twizzler straw.
43.  You made me a Mama.  And for that I will always be grateful.
44.  When you hurt, I can promise you that I hurt more.  Promise.
45.  Following the crowd is not always a good idea.
46.  Popularity is myth.  True friendship does not make you uncomfortable in your own skin.
47.  Good girls are cool.  They really are.
48.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words.
49.  I will always be on the sidelines cheering you on.  Sometimes with pom-poms.
50.  You will always be my Sweet Petite.  Always.


  1. Okay Griggs girl. You made this Meade girl cry. What a sweet post for your Sweet Petite!

  2. I haven't seen Courtney since June 10th; been to Africa and back since I've seen my baby girl! And yes, reminiscing over 22 years of raising a daughter and missing her so has caused tears to fall.