Tuesday, July 31, 2012

where I learned to stop and {really} experience a moment...

There are moments in life you have to be still to soak up the ordinary.

Moments where you have to be quiet to hear the extraordinary.

Moments when you have to look beyond the dirty dishes and the dirty floor and the pile of laundry to make memories.

Moments where you have to appreciate the simple to experience the amazing.

Last night, the extraordinary happened.  A memory that will forever be burned into the depths of my heart.  In the midst of the simplest of family suppers, I heard three of the most beautiful words I have ever heard.  After a repeat cycle of 'Mamas', a sweet little hand put my hand on her cheek and uttered the words my heart didn't even know I needed to hear.

'I wuv chew, Mama.'

Blubbering commenced.  My husband dropped his fork and his jaw.  As a mama, it was, by far, one of the sweetest moments I have experienced.

There are moments in life where your heart needs to hear what it feels.

Moments when the simplest of phrases mean the most.

Moments where you experience love through sweet little hands and precious little voices.

Moments when your heart breaks wide open.  And love pours out in abundance.

Moments that last a lifetime.

'I wuv chew, Mama.'

Oh baby, I love you too.  I love you, too.

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