Wednesday, August 1, 2012

on where I confess that I did not eat chicken today...

I've challenged myself to write more.  About anything and everything.  Whether anyone reads it or not. 

I know going into this post that I may not gain any new friends or new popularity points.  I'm ok with that.  I'm at peace with my rank on the popularity totem pole.  If ever there were such a thing.

Let me start by saying, I love you.  All two of you that may read my blog.  I honestly and truly love you. 

Why, you ask?  Because I am commanded to love everyone.  And I do.  I love everyone.  {If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I may not like you from time to time, but I will always love you.}  It's true.  And during our pre-marriage counseling, I was told {by a man of God} that it was guaranteed that I wasn't going to like my husband everyday.  But man, do I love him {my husband and that man of God}. 

And I love you. 

But I digress. 

I fear we {as a society} get so caught up on our soap boxes and our opinions and our tangents and on the coat tails of others that we forget the Truth.  We forget that we are commanded to love one another.  Not a suggestion.  Not an opinion.  Not a lofty idea.  A command. 

I do not, for one second, find it ironic that my devotional this morning was from John 13.  I believe it was divine.  Absolutely divine.

You see, the Creator, the One who died for sin {yes, yours too} knew what was going to take place today.  He knew there would be a mad rush for chicken sandwiches.  He knew the storm the media would cause over a man's opinion.  He knew a war, of sorts, would be waged.  He knew the lines would be drawn in the sand and tension would build.  He knew.  And you know what?  He loves the people on both sides of those lines.  Equally. 

And we are commanded to love the same way. 

'Let me give you a new command: Love one another.
In the same way I loved you, you love one another.
This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—
when they see the love you have for each other.'
John 13: 34-35 (MSG)

Chicken sandwich or not, I want to be recognized as one of His disciples.  And that means that I have to love you and everybody else.  I take that command pretty seriously. 

How 'bout you?

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  1. I agree with you 100% and love you and everyone else too!!