Friday, August 31, 2012

can you sense the excitement in the air?

Do you hear you it?  You must. 

I feel like my heart is pounding so loud everyone can hear it. 

Feel it?  The excitement.  The thrill.  The anticipation.   You have to.

It may not be for the same team.  We may even be rivals.  But that's okay.  I can respect your love for your team and I hope you respect my love for mine.  We don't have spend the season being nasty to one another.  We don't even have to make snide remarks to each other.  We can co-exist together in our communities, at work, in school, in church and through Facebook without getting angry or snippy or the like.

It's college football season!  And I can hardly stand it.  I'm giddy with excitement.  I'm smitten over the cute football attire and pom-poms and cheers.

It was Solid Orange Friday in my house this morning.  We all woke up with an extra bounce in our steps.  We doned our orange attire to school and work.  We practiced asking our baby girl, 'Harper, what does the Tiger say?' And we may have even did a little Cadence Count in the car.  I can almost bet we did. 

I feel the Blue Ridge foothills beckoning me home.  And while I will not be there in person, a piece of my soul will forever stay tied to my alma mater.  I will most definitely get chill bumps when the team stands atop the hill and rubs the rock.  I will most likely get teary eyed as they run down the hill onto the field for the first this season.  I will tap my foot to the beat of the Song that Shakes the Southland.  And it's a guarantee that I will lose my voice from chanting, '1-2-3-4  C-L-E-M-S-O-N!'

I can live a lifetime in the most exciting 25 seconds of college football. 

Here's hoping that all of our teams have a great season.  May you gain as much excitment from your team as I do from mine.  And may we remember that friendship outlasts college football season.

And whether it happens to be a winning or losing season, my team, my school will reign supreme.  Always.

The Tiger's roar is echoing in my heart.  Loud and proud.

Go Tigers!

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