Monday, September 3, 2012

where I confess something I struggle with and a choice I have made...

{DISCLAIMER:  Before anyone reads this post, please know that what is on my heart today is something that I greatly struggle with.  Something that I choose to hand over to the Lord each and every day.  Something that I am making strides at overcoming.}

Somestimes the frustrations of the day can be overwhelming.  Sometimes the slightest little thing can erase all the positive out of the day.  Sometimes we can get so wrapped up the negative that we are blinded to the blessings.

Negativity.  It's everywhere.  On Facebook, out of the lips of our friends and family and co-workers.  In the news.  In the shows and books and movies we entertain ourselves with. 

And if we allow ourselves, we can wallow in the negative without so much as looking at the blessing.

Everything, yes everything, is grace from God.  Even those annoyances and those silly frustrations.  We just have to train our eyes to see the blessings rather than the frustrations.

That less than courteous sales clerk.  She is an opportunity to shine Jesus into her heart.

That traffic jam on the way to work when you're are already running late.  This is an opportunity to spend more uninterrupted time with Jesus.

That 'wasted' time out of your day spent in carline.  This is a blessing that you have the ability to pick your children up from school instead of being stuck behind a desk.

The messy house and piles of laundry.  A gift from God that a lot of the world's population can not afford and will never know.

Those pesky little things that others do that you don't agree with.  An prime opportunity to seek God for the shortcomings in your life.

Man alive, do I struggle with all of these.  Yes, even the carline pile up at daycare. 

But today, I choose {purposely choose} to see the blessings rather than the negative.  I choose to see everything as a gift from God.  An opportunity for me to return thanks and shine His light into the lives of others. 

Am I going to get it right tomorrow?  You can bet I won't.  But I can choose again tomorrow to see the blessings or be blinded by the negative.  I choose the blessings.

Blessings abound, my friends!  Let's seek them out together.

'Take note--I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse;
the blessing if you take to heart the commandments of the Lord your God
I am giving you today, and the curse if you pay no attention to his commandments
and turn from the way I am setting before you today to pursue other gods you have not known.' Deuteronomy 11:26-28


  1. I certainly needed to be reminded to look for the blessings because it is always so easy for me to see the negative. Thanks, Jess!

  2. I think we all struggle with this. Thanks for sharing. We can choose to be happy and see the blessings God has given us!