Sunday, October 14, 2012

{day 13} the photo shoot....

When my best friend called me and told me she wanted to take pictures of my baby girl, how could I refuse?

She is, after all, the most talented photographer I know.   Don't believe me?  Check her out here.

But enough of the shameless plug....

She is moving in one week.  One week from today. 

I stopped by her house to pick her up and was greeted with boxes and boxes and more boxes.  It was unexpected in the most expected way, if you know what I mean. 

So today was bittersweet. 

My best friend took great pictures of my baby girl.  And baby girl kept calling 'Manda's name. 

Long after the photos are edited and I have them on display in my house, I will always reflect on this time with my friend.  The special memories of capturing precious moments of my little one.  The adoring way my girl looks at her Aunt 'Manda.  And the pure love that oozes out of us for each other. 

I know baby. I feel the same way. But we'll see her soon.

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