Saturday, October 13, 2012

{day 12} the mess

We all know that life can be messy. 

You should see my house.  It's pretty messy, too.

For a self-diagnosed OCD, type-A personality, having a messy house tends to drive me up the wall.  Big time.  It can cause me to lose my cool, so to speak. 

There are Saturdays when I work harder than I have all week.  Scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, doing laundry, and Cloroxing the hang out of countertops and every other surface in my house.

And then there are days like today.  Days where I know the minute my eyes crack open that it doesn't really matter.  Because in the long run the mess will still be there. 

The state of my house is a lot like the state of life. 

I can never clean my house enough and I certainly will never be able to clean up my life enough.

Praise the Lord for grace and mercy.  And for friends and family who don't judge me based on the mess.  Both in life and in my home.

So for today, my OCD nature sat on the shelf.  And I was able to enjoy life.  I enjoyed visiting with a friend.  I enjoyed running errands with my family.  I soaked up time with my baby girl.

The pile of laundry that taunted me early in the week.  Well, it has just gotten bigger.  See for yourself.


Life is messy and so is my house. But for today, I'm okay with both. Because I'm soaking up the moments with my sweet girl.

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