Friday, October 19, 2012

{day 18} a blonde and a brunette

Mimi is in town. She is helping her daughter {my best friend} get her house packed for the move.

She gave us specific instructions that while she was in town we had to go on a date.

And so we did.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner from Starfire {complete with coffee and dessert}.

We laughed until our sides hurt.

We filled our bellies, while filling our souls.

We grabbed a movie too.

And laughed some more.

We wondered, when the evening was over, why we hadn't done this more often. We wondered when we had actually done this at all in our seven years as best friends.

It wasn't until I was snug-as-bug-in-a-rug that I realized that friendship is so much more than dinner and a movie.

It is the moments. The memories. The laughs. And the tears. It is the conversation. And the trust knowing your secrets are safe.

So, a blonde and a brunette went on a date this week. A first date, really. But it was the best date I've had in a long time.

My heart is forever connected to that brunette.

Your soul mate doesn't always have to be your spouse.

Sometimes, your soul mate is found in a friend sent from God.

A brunette  and a blonde went on a date.

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