Monday, October 29, 2012

{day 29} ten years...

A special boy has a birthday today. 10 years old. Double digits.

It's hard to believe.

I have watched this young boy grow from a talkative, energetic toddler into an athletic, intelligent, respectful young man.

This boy, this piece of my heart. He's my step-son.

The step-mom/step-son relationship is an interesting, unique {and often times, awkward} pair.

While I feel like a mom to this boy, I am not. While I love him like he is my own, he is not.

But he is.

I rejoice in his accomplishments. I mourn at his heart ache. I encourage him in his walk with Christ. I pray with and for him on a daily basis.

As if he were my own.

Only God could design a relationship like this.

I woke up this morning and could not believe my boy was ten years old. I could not believe that eight years had passed since I first met him.

My mind played through the memories like a movie. My heart swelled with the love and pride and joy I feel for him.

I feel so blessed to celebrate this birthday {and every other day} with this special boy. My boy.

Happy Birthday, Victor! I love you!

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